Developing an Effective Induction Program

One of the reasons people change jobs is that they never feel truly welcomed or a part of the organisation they joined. If a company spends considerable money recruiting, interviewing, and perhaps even relocating employees, it makes good sense to go one step further and make the new employee feel like they have made a good decision to come to this company.

An effective human resource professional knows that managing employee performance is more than conducting performance reviews or disciplining staff. Performance management begins with an induction to the organisation and the job, and continues on a daily basis as employees are trained and coached. A thoughtful new employee induction program, coupled with an employee handbook that communicates workplace policies can reduce turnover and save that organisation thousands of dollars. Whether your company has two employees or two thousand employees, don't leave new employee induction to chance. Give them what they need to feel welcome, know why they were hired, and know how to do the job.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how important an induction program is to an organisation
  • Identify the role of the Human Resource department in the induction program
  • Recognise how the commitment curve affects both new employees and their managers
  • Know what companies can do to deliver their promise to new employees
  • Determine the critical elements of effective employee training
  • Establish the importance of having an employee handbook for new and long-term employees

What Will Be Covered?

  • Finding, hiring, and keeping good people
  • Building employee commitment
  • Fast-track induction
  • Designing a successful induction program
  • The commitment curve
  • Adult learning principles and how to apply them
  • The eight induction habits of world-class employers
  • Learning styles inventory
  • Creating an employee manual
  • An induction checklist


Our training programs are practical with lots of interaction and discussion between the participants. During this two-day workshop participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and are encouraged to develop and work on individual action plans in a consultative and controlled environment.


A pre program questionnaire which is designed to assist you in receiving the best outcome and return on investment from your training. There is only a short amount of time to transfer the message so Sarden Learning will try to gain an insight into your company's background, processes, issues and culture so we are able to deliver an outstanding service for you.

Training Investment Price Quotes

Our quotes are completely inclusive, meaning our firm quote includes:
  • All needs assessment discussions
  • All training development
  • All training customization
  • All training materials
  • Training delivery
  • All travel related costs and expenses
  • You receive one invoice when the training is completed. No surprises.
Format:Two day
Venue:onsite and offsite
Max participants:20
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...provided our Support Office Team Members with a pragmatic and holistic approach to Time Management that can easily be applied to their role ... our facilitator was a pleasure to work with and providing a relaxed learning environment where they felt at ease and able to raise any questions in relation to their approach to time management.
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